Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fractions DLO

This week we have been learning about FRACTIONS. I think I was really successful at doing this the hardiest thing about this was making sure that I have done this good and not fail this was a really fun thing to do. we have leaning what a denominator is and a numerator I hope you enjoy this video and learn from it....

Friday, December 1, 2017

Te Reo Maori DLO

                                         W.A.L.T: Use Location words in sentences.
Today Me,Tehanah and Maui accomplished our Te Reo Maori DLO.


To be successful we had to
  • Explain what we were learning
  • Explain what Maori location words mean in english
  • Explain when to use Te and Nga
  • Come up with our own examples of location sentences by asking
Here is our Screencastify:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Come to Tautoro School to get Sticky Caramel Pudding

We Have been assigned to make an advert to advertise our Market day on the 1st of December 2017. So bring your Whana and friends and enjoy your Yummy Sticky caramel Pudding!Here is my advert

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Science experiment

Budgie, I mean Budget!

We have been planning some stuff to do for the Market day. 1st of December 2017.Come to Tautoro School and bring family and friends. It starts at 4.30

We were assigned to do a budget for whatever we were going to sell. My group is making Sticky Caramel Pudding. So whoever likes pudding roll on up to Tautoro school for the Market day.
Here is our budget:
Students: Sheeandra Tehanah and Tamaiti-Pani
Product/service Sticky Caramel Pudding


Ingredients (aunty Jan)

Ingredients (Room 5)


Expenses (one off and ongoing)
Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product
How much I expect to sell 26
Amount $4.00

Proft?  I find my profit by adding my costs and my expenses together and subtracting it from my income
For example,
I used $45.00  to pay for all my expenses. I sell each product for  $ 4.00. To make a profit I will need to sell at least 12. If we sell all of them our income will be $104.00

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Science Class

In class I am doing an experiment.

Are sugary and diet drink harmful?

My hypothesis is that the egg is going to go rotten and that the drink is going to crack the egg.

So far I have checked how  acidic the drinks are.

We will observed for a few days

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Numbers DLO

   We are learning to know the different ways we represent numbers

What I found hard was value of the digit.
What I found easy was writing the number.


Friday, November 3, 2017

sports are great.

This is my writing assessment. I have tried to independently improve my sentence. I am looking to check that they make sense. I am checking my punctuation.

I think I am good at is understanding simple and compound sentence. I still need to learn complex.

My opinion is that is sports important to you. Is sports important to me or is music important than sport. Do you agree that sports are important then music or you disagree that music is important then sport. I agree that sports is important than music because music you just sit on you bum all day. Sports keep you active and it keeps you fit and healthy. Do you want to be sitting down and being a blobfish all day. No I would go out there being fit and healthy and building up your friendship.

My first reason is Do you want to sit on your bumm all day or get out there and do sport? What do you want to do? Because I would want to go out there and get lot’s of friends and be fit. I wouldn’t like to be unfit and unhealthy I want to be fit and healthy. Like Shaun Johnson, Kevin Locke, Billy Slater, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Joshua addo-carr, Greg inglis, Jordan Rapana, Mose Mbye, Danny levi, James tedesco, Ben barba, Kodi nikorima, Cooper cronk, Anthony milford, Benji marshall.

My second reason is do you want to be a star rugby player because I would I would like to be like a healthy rugby player would you like to be a famous rugby player I would I would play for the Hurricanes and the Crusaders the Highlander and poison I would like to be in is first five or half back number 10 or 9.

My third reason is if you really love so much well you should grow up and be like Beauden Barrett, Lima sopoaga and richie mo'unga because I would them there are one of the top first fives they are so famous I always watch them on youtube because that's my dream is to grow up and be like them there and one more person Reiko ioanei.

In summary now that's my goal is to be a star player and be like Beauden Barrett, Lima Sopoaga , Richie Mo'unga, Rieko ioane, Shaun Johnson, Kevin Locke, Billy Slater, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck well that’s one of my goals and that should be one of your’s to.    

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who will win out of the Possums or Hunters

WALT: Know the movie making process. The best thing about the movie is trying to shoot the possums.  In my Next move I will  try speak louder.  I in joyed been in the move. I learnt how to make a movie on I movie.


Sweet businesses

I am learning to read fluently
To be successful I will:

  • Pause at commas
  • Stop at full stops
  • Sound natural (not like a robot)
  • Adjust my reading speed when I come  to difficult words
  • Use expression

When I listen to my reading I know that I...I am good at stopping at full stops and commas.


My next step is to read with expression and fluency

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Come know the 9 parts of speech.

W.A.L.T know all the 9 Parts of speech Nouns, Pronouns, Proper nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, articles, prepositions,conjunctions and interjections. Our purpose is to teach you viewers to understand the 9 parts of speech. I found the prepositions and articles hard. Enjoy!!

Who will win the Possums or the Hunters?

W.A.L.T know the movie making process.

What I found out that was hard was to talk louder than the wind.  Something I learned is when you record is you can hear the loud wind.
What I liked was the acting. And I was confidant when I was saying my parts and acting.
What I found easy was saying my parts for the movie.
What I didn't like was the loud wind.

My next steps is to speak louder and clear.  Next term I want to be in a team, I will write the script with them.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


This week my class and I have been learning to solve hard x problems by using a combination of x problems I already know

To be successful I will:

  • Show the correct grouping on the Happy Hundreds chart
  • Look for groupings I know the answer to easily such as 5x, 2x 1x or 3x
  • Make sure what I have done makes up the correct amount


Friday, September 22, 2017

Here is my problem solving DLO.

Last week my class and I have been learning about how to solve problems with fractions.


I liked that I got all the done.
Something I found hard was the question on the slide 5.
My next step is to put an explanation about it.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Did you know that your toys are made in China.

In class I had to write a recount from the perspective (view) of a child working in a sweatshop. I chose to be a kid working in a toy factory. I was learning to proof-read my work and make improvements and to help us add interesting detail to our recounts.

On Tuesday morning I wearily get out of bed and headed to work.
At 6:30 am I walk into the factory I could hear lots of machines. Yuck it smells like lots of garbage and burning rubber. it looked like lots of people with suits on and messy, yucky old wallpaper and stacks of boxes everywhere.    

Hours later I felt so so tired. I wish I could have at least some of my breakfast. he buzzer went off for lunch. The buzzer was as loud as a fire engine alarm. I also couldn’t wait for home time.   
Finally, it is 3:30 pm. My legs were that exhausted I couldn't even jump up and down and I couldn’t wait till I got home for a big sleep. When I was on my way home it felt like I was just going to sleep because I was that exhausted I was falling to sleep. I got home and dropped on my bed and I didn’t even get to take my dirty clothes. That day was the hardest day of my life.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Money! Money! Money!

My class and I was learning about small businesses. I learnt a few new words like budget, income, ongoing costs and start up costs. ( They are on the last slide.) What I found hard was to find my answers to my questions.


Friday, August 18, 2017

How cool is to round numbers!

This is my rounding DLO. I have been learning to round to the nearest 10, 100. I made this with Andy.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Looking at the key.

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because I can get my work wrong if I look at the key
The key is important because sometimes you can get it wrong.
Children at the Park
Key: =  $ 10

How many children were at the park on Tuesday?30
How many were there on Wednesday?55

How many more children were there on  Monday than Thursday?40

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Playing rugby league live 3 with my brother.

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language. I think I am a bit successful.
I did not use that much descriptive words.  I will need to work on it more next time.

Playing rugby league live 3 with my brother.

On a nice sunny morning me I was up with my dad and my dad said you're up with the bird’s” my dad was poring he was watching a pouring movie and the was Mahana. So I went over the shed side and played my game rugby-league live 3 I made my own team it was so fun my brother Mana woke up and he said after you.” and I said yup you’re gonna have to wait a long time because I'm making a team he replied where right here let me make my own team yup I will just get the rest of my team. Later on I was finish and my brother Mana. My team was called the MEAN HEARTY WARRIORS and my brother Manas team name was the GANGSTERS. His team looked better then mine.

Shortly after the game was done it was a Golden point. I almost got a try with David Klemmer but I got tackled from Tyrone Pechey. My team player Nathan Friend pass the ball to Shaun Johnson and I done a drop goal my team won. And I was so so goddamn happy and the score was 6 to 7 my team won. It went on day kai time boyz my dad yelled out yup coming dad I replied.” So I said yup that's us mana lets go for a kai. For kai it was eggs on toast and porridge. That was yummy thank you for the kai dad. I felt like I wanted a shower so when I went for a shower it was on hot as it felt nice and fresh like kaiwi lakes. After that I got dried and dressed I felt a bit tired so I went in my room and went to sleep. It was so fun with my brother and when I vs him I would never forget that day with my brother.

Next time I will use more descriptive language words in to my work.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Who wants to come learn about bargraphs and pictographs.

This week we have been learning about using data to make bargraphs and pictographs and say what the data shows.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

WALT use write cause and effect sentences.
To be successful we will:

  1. Think about an cause (event) and what happens because of it (effect)
  2. Use cause and effect connectives such as because of this, as a result, as a consequence and when this happens…
  3. Check that full stops are at the end of the idea (remember it will be simple, compound or complex)

One of the good things is that electronic can be recycled. In my class we dismantled some of some broken computers. For example we are helping the environment. Another example is that we can reuse the plastic and the metal off the computers. Another example is when we take our computers to the dump they are just going to the palua people and they are just taking it down with hammers and burn it.

I think I was not successful because I did not have a Cause and a Effect sentence.
My next step is to focus on success criteria. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


In our class we are learning about element of dance. The dance element are body awareness, space and time. The ideas I like dancing to are moon walk, growing, melting and freeze frame.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Who wants learn about one of the Kiwi dog.

               Maggie the Kiwi dog.

Book review by Mason and Tamaiti-pani.

I read a book called Maggie the kiwi dog with my group. The author is Sue Gibbison. This book is a Article.

This article is about a dog that saves kiwis from getting killed from the logges. This article takes place in Waitangi New Zealand. The dog Maggie has been working to find kiwis for over nine years. Steve and Maggie works for department of conservation.

This is what i learnt about this article this week. This dog is a huntaway dog it has a really strong-eye sight and good, a very good smell so if you have a dog like this dog your dogs very intelligent.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Yaa No Ants!!!

For most of this term my group has been doing a inquiry around reclining I think one of the main parts that we did well was working together as one. Our main set task was to work together and we were successful at this. I enjoined the parts were we had happy and laughing moments.

Getting Muddy.

WALT use variety of sentences types simple, compound, complex (Level 4 adverb beginning)

Bang! Bang! My mum was  Banging on the door of my room. “Get up, get up. It’s morning” Mum yelled.  So I woke up and opened my door for my mum. Last weekend my two brothers and I played in the mud at my house.

Then I went to go wash my face in the bathroom. After that my mum told me to go get a warm jacket and pants on. Later on I went for breakfast I had Weetabix. Shortly after It started to rain. A few minutes later it stopped raining so I went to go wake my two brothers up to go play with the golf sticks with me. outside. When my two brothers got up I said to them I feel a bit hot so I took my pants off and had my shorts on and went out the door and raced them to the creek.

My dog Tahae chased after me and jump on my back and I said get off my dog jump off me. When my brothers came by me I said to them Why did you make Tahae chase after me! They were laughing at me. When me and my two brothers got back home it started raining again me and my brothers played long ball. Later on my uncle turn up on his red holden. Shortly after my uncle left to go see my uncle Bun he is so so sick.

A few minutes the grass was so so muddy me and my brothers and I played tag I ankle taped A-J it was so funny me and my brother Hanita were laughing at A-J he pushed me over and I got up and we started playing tackles He tackled me so so hard on the ground my dog was barking at him so my dog Tahae jump on him and he said get off me Tahae get. After that I went for a shower and when I got out of the shower I went over to the shed to play the game and the game was Rugby-League Live 3. I was the Warriors VS Cowboys. I won the score was Twenty Four to me and there score was Ten.

It started getting dark so I went over the house side and ask my mum if I could sleep over the shed side she said yup. So I went back on the shed side to play the game the time was late as later then my mum said so I went to bed. I could not go to sleep so I just keep playing the game antell I was sleepy. So I had my last game with the Warriors VS Eels. Then I went to bed I was so so sleepy so I went to sleep good night.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How do I sound?

Next time I will speak loudly and clearly. And change the sound of my voice.  And I am good at pausing at full stops.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Big Crash.

WALT check that we have used correct structure for recount
To be successful we will:

  • Say who, when, where and what at the beginning of our recount
  • Use time words between events (Firstly, After that, next and finally
  • End with a reflection (my thoughts about the event) 

Next time I will try to paragraph my story.

                                                                    Riding on the motorbikes with my brothers.  

Yay! Yay! The sun is out I went and asked my brother A-J wake up wake up it is Saturday morning and my brother said go away and I said, No! It’s time to wake up now. So I went to go ask my dad if me and my brother can ride the motorbikes he took a little long to answer me, Finally he answered me and said yes. So I went to go tell my brother get up we are allowed to ride on the motorbikes. I was excited to ride on the motorbikes. And he woke up straight away. So I said to him let's get a warm jacket on and pantes. First me and my brother went to the back shed where the motorbikes are. Then he said to me start your quad up and wait for me at the gate. So I went out to our gate and he could not start his motorbike so I pushed start him. Me and my brother went in the mud patch and it was funny because I got stuck in the mud and my brother was laughing at me so he went to go wake up my brother Hanita to tow me out of the mud. When he towed me out of the mud. After that when my brother towed me out my mum said to come home now. When me and my brothers got home to my mum and dad we all had a kai it was so so yummy. Me and my brothers and mum and dad had sausages and homemade burgers. Shortly after me and my brothers went back outside my brother Mana woke up and went to go wash his face so me and my brothers started the motorbike my brother Hanita went to the back shed to get his motorbike out to ride with me and my brother A-J. When my brother Hanita started his motorbike we went out to the road my brother A-J just got my front of my quad. My brother A-J put a little dent in the front of my quad. Some of his back bumper came off. Put I said to him it’s all right. When my brother hit me my brother billy woke up he said to us what happen and I said A-J hit the front of my quad. The sun was starting to go down my dad said to park the bikes up so me and my brothers went to go park the bikes up. My dad ask what happen to the front of your quad I said A-J hit the front of my quad my dad said hurry up it’s kai time I asked what is for dinner boilup. after dinner me and my brothers went for a shower. After my shower I felt nice and fresh. When my brothers finished their shower I asked them if they wanted to watch Moana. I fell to sleep in the room. It was a nice day with my brothers and mum and dad.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let's make a protected beach.


WALT use language features of persuasive writing
To be successful I will:
Use rhetorical questions to make my writing interesting
Use emotive language (words about feelings/emotions)

Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard. I found hard that trying finding the information in the text about marine reserves. What I found easy was going throw my work and looking for the emotive words. And emotive words are words to make your reads sad or happy.    

Marine reserves

I believe that marine reserves are a good idea and we should have more. Do you know what a Marine reserves is. It is a area that have been set aside to protect all the plants and animals in the sea and on the foreshore. If you do not look after the protected beach you will get a fine and you will break the law. Because if you do not look after protect the protected beach there will be more sea life and a good place to go to snorkel. At some unprotected beaches there is rope and plastic bottles in the sea and that will be disappointing. At the protected beach you will see no rubbish in the sea and it will be a safe place to go. Do you want all our fish to go away? Do reckon that we should have more Marine reserves in New Zealand? Well stop putting rubbish in all the Marine reserves. I will be so so pumped up of joy. At some protected beaches do you see rubbish. If you are going snorkeling in a Marine reserves you will be full of joy because you will see all of the kaimoana in the nice sea. In summary I will want more and more Marine reserves all around New Zealand.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Do you know how add and take away big numbers?

 W.A.L.T add and subtract big numbers.

Next time I want to be more confident when I speak. I found hard was speaking.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Goals

Today we have been making goals for out parent teacher interviews here is my one. What I found easy was getting the right background that lets others read my writing. What I found hard was doing all the work and writing all of my information. I hope you enjoy my goals.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What do you do with your rubbish.


I am learning how to make my long and short sentence make sense.

I think all waste should not be burnt or go to the landfill. No! I do not want it to be burnt or go to the landfill, what do you reckon? Do you agree or disagree? You do not need to take your rubbish to the dump. I think that you can still take your rubbish to the dump. But you can take some rubbish to the dump like stuff you can’t reuse.
I think people should reuse wood just in case something breaks that has wood. I think you can recycle parts of cars, paper, milk carton, glass, cans and tins. I think organic waste should be taken to the pigs, worm farms and compost. T I think hazardous is poisonous for the plants and bad for the environment. Did you know that biodegradable means stuff can rot down easily. To sum up I think people do not need to take all of their rubbish to the dump because you can make stuff with it.