Monday, March 26, 2018

My Strategies

At Ki o rahi

We have been focusing on who, what, when and were
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Ki O Rahi

On Thursday me and some of the years 6 and 5 and 4 in room 3 went to lindvart park to play Ki o rahi. The teams we vs was Waima, Kaikohe East, Kaikohe West, Aniwaniwa and KawaKawa. My favourite game was against KawaKawa. On the first half we were on Kioma. When you are on Kioma you go around touching the pau and scoring and Myself and Marta were on the tipu. The next round we were on Taniwha. When we were on Taniwha you have to shoot the Tipu and the shooters were me Andy, Helam, Marta, Armani, Taonga, Kohl-lee And Sally. I had scored like 4 and Armani scored like 5 and Andy scored 4 Marta scored 3 and the noise when you shot the Tipu was like a Ping! Noise and Me and Marta were doing buket our game play and sleeper and our score was 23 6 to us And that was our last game and we came first in our Pool and after prise giving we went back to the gazebo for a photo. I went with my mum we went to town I asked my mum “ mum can you take me to buy me a drink mum ”. Then me my mum and my brother Hanita we went to my aunty’s house for a shower. That's when ki o rahi was finish.  😛😛

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Coding Scratch Jr

WALT: Follow instructions.
To be sussecful I will : 
Screen shot my learning.
Explain what I am doing in steps
Use the picture clues in 'scratch 'to help me. 


Friday, March 2, 2018

How to be a Bucket Filler

WALT write an explanation text.
Success Criteria: I will-
  • Have a title, introduction, description, process and conclusion.
  • Use appropriate language features - cause and effect, time words, present tense
  • Use topic specific vocabulary
  • Self-assess myself to see what level I think I am writing at.

How to be a Bucket Filler.

What is a bucket filler. Everyone in the whole wide world carries an invisible bucket every day.  When you are a bucket filler you give praise, positive comments, support to other people.  By doing this you fill their bucket up.
How would you be a bucket filler?
One way is you can be a bucket filler by showing love and even just giving them a smile and even a little grin or being friendly to them. Do not pick on anyone and don’t be a bucket dipper. If you are one then you are a bully.  Bullies are bad people because they look for a fight. But if you be a good friend then they will be good to you.

Another way to respect someone is by sticking up for them and always helping them if they are always getting bullied. If someone is bullying you just go and tell the teacher.

Lastly by being supportive and showing manaakitanga is by being a great person. How could you be supportive and show friendship. You can show that by supporting your friends. Just by saying to them if you are winning the game just tell them “keep going and you will win”.

In summary, Bucket filling is important because it helps people feel good about themselves.  When you fill someone’s bucket with good stuff you will find that you feel good too. So….be a bucket filler!

My self-assessment:
Structure and language
Sentence Structure
Rendered Image