Thursday, March 30, 2017

What do you do with your rubbish.


I am learning how to make my long and short sentence make sense.

I think all waste should not be burnt or go to the landfill. No! I do not want it to be burnt or go to the landfill, what do you reckon? Do you agree or disagree? You do not need to take your rubbish to the dump. I think that you can still take your rubbish to the dump. But you can take some rubbish to the dump like stuff you can’t reuse.
I think people should reuse wood just in case something breaks that has wood. I think you can recycle parts of cars, paper, milk carton, glass, cans and tins. I think organic waste should be taken to the pigs, worm farms and compost. T I think hazardous is poisonous for the plants and bad for the environment. Did you know that biodegradable means stuff can rot down easily. To sum up I think people do not need to take all of their rubbish to the dump because you can make stuff with it.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tikanag at Tautoro.

 WALT think about creative ways to promote and teach our values.
I was creative because my group used dress ups and made a movie.

Next time I need to learn how to edit my own movie.