Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let's make a protected beach.


WALT use language features of persuasive writing
To be successful I will:
Use rhetorical questions to make my writing interesting
Use emotive language (words about feelings/emotions)

Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard. I found hard that trying finding the information in the text about marine reserves. What I found easy was going throw my work and looking for the emotive words. And emotive words are words to make your reads sad or happy.    

Marine reserves

I believe that marine reserves are a good idea and we should have more. Do you know what a Marine reserves is. It is a area that have been set aside to protect all the plants and animals in the sea and on the foreshore. If you do not look after the protected beach you will get a fine and you will break the law. Because if you do not look after protect the protected beach there will be more sea life and a good place to go to snorkel. At some unprotected beaches there is rope and plastic bottles in the sea and that will be disappointing. At the protected beach you will see no rubbish in the sea and it will be a safe place to go. Do you want all our fish to go away? Do reckon that we should have more Marine reserves in New Zealand? Well stop putting rubbish in all the Marine reserves. I will be so so pumped up of joy. At some protected beaches do you see rubbish. If you are going snorkeling in a Marine reserves you will be full of joy because you will see all of the kaimoana in the nice sea. In summary I will want more and more Marine reserves all around New Zealand.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Do you know how add and take away big numbers?

 W.A.L.T add and subtract big numbers.

Next time I want to be more confident when I speak. I found hard was speaking.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Goals

Today we have been making goals for out parent teacher interviews here is my one. What I found easy was getting the right background that lets others read my writing. What I found hard was doing all the work and writing all of my information. I hope you enjoy my goals.