Tuesday, June 27, 2017


In our class we are learning about element of dance. The dance element are body awareness, space and time. The ideas I like dancing to are moon walk, growing, melting and freeze frame.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Who wants learn about one of the Kiwi dog.

               Maggie the Kiwi dog.

Book review by Mason and Tamaiti-pani.

I read a book called Maggie the kiwi dog with my group. The author is Sue Gibbison. This book is a Article.

This article is about a dog that saves kiwis from getting killed from the logges. This article takes place in Waitangi New Zealand. The dog Maggie has been working to find kiwis for over nine years. Steve and Maggie works for department of conservation.

This is what i learnt about this article this week. This dog is a huntaway dog it has a really strong-eye sight and good, a very good smell so if you have a dog like this dog your dogs very intelligent.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Yaa No Ants!!!

For most of this term my group has been doing a inquiry around reclining I think one of the main parts that we did well was working together as one. Our main set task was to work together and we were successful at this. I enjoined the parts were we had happy and laughing moments.

Getting Muddy.

WALT use variety of sentences types simple, compound, complex (Level 4 adverb beginning)

Bang! Bang! My mum was  Banging on the door of my room. “Get up, get up. It’s morning” Mum yelled.  So I woke up and opened my door for my mum. Last weekend my two brothers and I played in the mud at my house.

Then I went to go wash my face in the bathroom. After that my mum told me to go get a warm jacket and pants on. Later on I went for breakfast I had Weetabix. Shortly after It started to rain. A few minutes later it stopped raining so I went to go wake my two brothers up to go play with the golf sticks with me. outside. When my two brothers got up I said to them I feel a bit hot so I took my pants off and had my shorts on and went out the door and raced them to the creek.

My dog Tahae chased after me and jump on my back and I said get off my dog jump off me. When my brothers came by me I said to them Why did you make Tahae chase after me! They were laughing at me. When me and my two brothers got back home it started raining again me and my brothers played long ball. Later on my uncle turn up on his red holden. Shortly after my uncle left to go see my uncle Bun he is so so sick.

A few minutes the grass was so so muddy me and my brothers and I played tag I ankle taped A-J it was so funny me and my brother Hanita were laughing at A-J he pushed me over and I got up and we started playing tackles He tackled me so so hard on the ground my dog was barking at him so my dog Tahae jump on him and he said get off me Tahae get. After that I went for a shower and when I got out of the shower I went over to the shed to play the game and the game was Rugby-League Live 3. I was the Warriors VS Cowboys. I won the score was Twenty Four to me and there score was Ten.

It started getting dark so I went over the house side and ask my mum if I could sleep over the shed side she said yup. So I went back on the shed side to play the game the time was late as later then my mum said so I went to bed. I could not go to sleep so I just keep playing the game antell I was sleepy. So I had my last game with the Warriors VS Eels. Then I went to bed I was so so sleepy so I went to sleep good night.